Why does the right wing find itself in such a bad place?

For many of us, 2016 is the first election we paid much attention to. Either due to disinterest in the system, age, or just constantly being served boring candidates over the past elections, a lot of people just haven’t been interested in politics. It’s hard to blame us for it; the American political process is a well known shitshow.

Something many of us weren’t aware of before diving in, however, was the extent of the hole conservatives have dug themselves into. There’s some pretty intense writing on the wall: The way these next few elections shape out will not only decide our fate for the next 4-8 years, but also set up the supreme court for decades to come and usher in new laws that define who has the demographic advantage for what could be the entire life of America. Overton’s window has been pushed hard towards the left, and those of us with any sense left are paying the price.

But how did things get this bad? After all, you’d expect some pretty intense push back from conservatives to prevent what is essentially the death of their party if not the right wing as a whole.

We could talk about the overtly left wing media and how its propaganda has put the ball in the left’s court, but what’s more important for diagnosing the problem is finding mistakes the right has made so they can be corrected. There are, essentially, 2 major ones. The first is their legendary loss of the frame. In PUA and debate circles alike the frame refers to the focus and tone of the conversation. When you’re approaching a girl, you want to be in control of the frame so you can communicate the best things about you and make a good impression. If you let the girl have control of the frame, you’ll find yourself in the passenger’s seat, and the girl’s a lot more likely to kick you out for someone with a confident, dominant frame. The same applies to your perception towards the public. You need to stay on the offensive in politics. Even if your opponent has a hundred problems and you have one, letting your opponent have the frame and focus on your problems puts you on the defense. When you’re on the defense, you can’t hope to gain ground, only lose it more slowly. Conservatives apparently missed that memo. They try so hard to avoid every negative label the left throws at them they can’t even come together to make a decent attack on the left wing whose poster children are so corrupt thousands of examples of corruption have come out about them just this week. Because they’re so focused on defending their own image, the right wing can’t even start to make an attack on the leftoid hivemind. Unless they can pull something together, the left will keep them on the defense and erode their influence until there’s none left.

The second major problem is the right wing’s history of making concessions. In a way this also wraps back to frame control. Conservatives who are on the defense and scared of negative labels will cede ground and vote for leftist policies that actively harm them. A conservative who was originally against gay marriage, for fear of being labeled  a bigot, would instead act in favor of it or keep his mouth shut. Do you see conservatives stand in unison against terrorist groups like black lives matter? No, because half of them are so afraid of the ‘racist’ card they’d rather keep their mouth shut or try and curry favor with them. So then they take their votes and vote for all these changes that will bury the party in the next few decade. In doing so not only do they empower the left’s ability to gain more votes, but they even alienate the very people who voted them in, dooming them even further. In the short run they may get a pat on the back, maybe even a few minority votes thrown their way. But there’s no way they can succeed in a country shaped by the left in the long run, and their attempts to hold onto their office even a little longer only doom this country and everyone in it.

Only by going on the offensive and taking back the frame can the right wing have any chance of returning to any sort of power in America. Trump’s the first step, but it’s going to take a lot of alt-righters to get the tone back in our control. It’s ultimately up to us to uncuck this country, and it’s the most important fight this country has seen since its inception. Let’s show them our power and take this country back from the hands of these insane ideologues.


Why does the right wing find itself in such a bad place?

2 thoughts on “Why does the right wing find itself in such a bad place?

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