Why does the right wing find itself in such a bad place?

For many of us, 2016 is the first election we paid much attention to. Either due to disinterest in the system, age, or just constantly being served boring candidates over the past elections, a lot of people just haven’t been interested in politics. It’s hard to blame us for it; the American political process is a well known shitshow.

Something many of us weren’t aware of before diving in, however, was the extent of the hole conservatives have dug themselves into. There’s some pretty intense writing on the wall: The way these next few elections shape out will not only decide our fate for the next 4-8 years, but also set up the supreme court for decades to come and usher in new laws that define who has the demographic advantage for what could be the entire life of America. Overton’s window has been pushed hard towards the left, and those of us with any sense left are paying the price.

But how did things get this bad? After all, you’d expect some pretty intense push back from conservatives to prevent what is essentially the death of their party if not the right wing as a whole.

We could talk about the overtly left wing media and how its propaganda has put the ball in the left’s court, but what’s more important for diagnosing the problem is finding mistakes the right has made so they can be corrected. There are, essentially, 2 major ones. The first is their legendary loss of the frame. In PUA and debate circles alike the frame refers to the focus and tone of the conversation. When you’re approaching a girl, you want to be in control of the frame so you can communicate the best things about you and make a good impression. If you let the girl have control of the frame, you’ll find yourself in the passenger’s seat, and the girl’s a lot more likely to kick you out for someone with a confident, dominant frame. The same applies to your perception towards the public. You need to stay on the offensive in politics. Even if your opponent has a hundred problems and you have one, letting your opponent have the frame and focus on your problems puts you on the defense. When you’re on the defense, you can’t hope to gain ground, only lose it more slowly. Conservatives apparently missed that memo. They try so hard to avoid every negative label the left throws at them they can’t even come together to make a decent attack on the left wing whose poster children are so corrupt thousands of examples of corruption have come out about them just this week. Because they’re so focused on defending their own image, the right wing can’t even start to make an attack on the leftoid hivemind. Unless they can pull something together, the left will keep them on the defense and erode their influence until there’s none left.

The second major problem is the right wing’s history of making concessions. In a way this also wraps back to frame control. Conservatives who are on the defense and scared of negative labels will cede ground and vote for leftist policies that actively harm them. A conservative who was originally against gay marriage, for fear of being labeled  a bigot, would instead act in favor of it or keep his mouth shut. Do you see conservatives stand in unison against terrorist groups like black lives matter? No, because half of them are so afraid of the ‘racist’ card they’d rather keep their mouth shut or try and curry favor with them. So then they take their votes and vote for all these changes that will bury the party in the next few decade. In doing so not only do they empower the left’s ability to gain more votes, but they even alienate the very people who voted them in, dooming them even further. In the short run they may get a pat on the back, maybe even a few minority votes thrown their way. But there’s no way they can succeed in a country shaped by the left in the long run, and their attempts to hold onto their office even a little longer only doom this country and everyone in it.

Only by going on the offensive and taking back the frame can the right wing have any chance of returning to any sort of power in America. Trump’s the first step, but it’s going to take a lot of alt-righters to get the tone back in our control. It’s ultimately up to us to uncuck this country, and it’s the most important fight this country has seen since its inception. Let’s show them our power and take this country back from the hands of these insane ideologues.


Why does the right wing find itself in such a bad place?

Tim Kaine’s Debate Performance: What it looks like when a beta fails to be alpha

I can’t blame any of you if you decided to skip out on the VP debate. It wasn’t really on my list of things to do either, in fact I skipped it at first to take care of some coursework. I would have been fine just skipping it entirely, after all this election is more ‘the Trump show’ than anything else, but the words being tossed around afterwards encouraged me to take a look. I was happy to find out People weren’t exaggerating; Kaine truly was a mess in this debate. Many people were even comparing him to similar horrific debaters in the past. I’d be lying if I said I knew enough to make such a comparison myself, but if you’d like to see his and Pence’s performances yourself, you can check that out here.

My main takeaway from the whole thing was that Kaine, backed by the moderator (as you’d expect from the ‘unbiased media’) was trying very hard to be on the offensive the whole time, literally as if he was trying to copy what he would think was a more dominant style of debate. It wasn’t. Pence, on the other hand, remained generally collected, calm, and came out looking like the good guy whenever Kaine burst in with an interruption and one of his tirades. I have to give Pence some serious credit, it must be hard to keep your cool when you have the equivalent of a small attack dog nipping at your heels for 90 minutes. Kaine also came off overall rather nervous and unprepared to deal with the spotlight, with some saying he seemed almost robotic and that his performance was overplanned, which doesn’t surprise me seeing how robotic Clinton’s campaign has been in general.

The interesting thing about this debate, however, was the way the polls and opinion pieces shaped out afterward. For perhaps the first time in this election the MSM wasn’t entirely hard left. Sure you have your extremely partisan sources who will side with their candidate through thick and thin, but other typically left leaning outlets such as The Washington Post actually sided with Pence in the debate, and even reader polls on typically left leaning sources were coming up Pence. In Pence’s credit his calm collected demeanor showed he certainly had experience in the arena and went along nicely with Trump’s more dominant attitude. But that alone isn’t enough to sway a hardline left media to Pence’s side: You’d expect them to praise Kaine for putting Pence on the ‘defensive’ so often. But their dislike of Kaine here stems from one simple fact:

No one, from any slice of life or side of the political spectrum, respects a beta. Doubly so if that beta tries and fails to act like an alpha.

You might wonder, then, if betas get so much hate for trying to act like an alpha, what hope there is for them? Becoming alpha and trying to act alpha are 2 different things. There are a lot of things you can’t fake that easily, and from Kaine’s twitching, avoidance of the camera, and jittery demeanor an air of fear was projected. So when Kaine lashed out (which was extremely often) it didn’t ever seem out of dominance or alphatude, but out of fear and panic. This is something you might see in some of your not-so-alpha friends. Earlier I even talked some about that beta friend everyone has who just can’t seem to get it, but when he actually tries to man up and be an alpha and defend himself you get someone who starts acting just like Kaine did.

That’s not something I’m pulling out of thin air, either. Just a few months ago I had an old friend who goes by Jared. There were a lot of reasons he was starting to get on my bad side: He was more emotional than even most girls I knew, unwilling to take steps to improve himself, and blamed me for all his problems even though I was an entire city over. Typical beta behavior, right? It doesn’t stop there. Jared has what I’d call a ‘kettle complex‘. It’s something you probably notice in some of your friends: Maybe one day or week they seem patient, but once a threshold gets hit they lash out against anyone and everyone they can see. That was Jared to a T. We’d all have some stabs at him here and there, usually just playing with him, and he’d go along with it, not laughing because he never took it as the joke it was supposed to be despite how obvious it was that it was meant in jest, but sucking it up and turning the other cheek. If he were an alpha you’d expect him to simply ignore it or laugh a little and throw a fun (and sharper) shiv back at the people poking and, crucially, not getting mad. At most if an alpha took it seriously he’d stand up and tell them to knock it off. Instead every time he’d simply turn the other cheek… for a while. Once he hit his boiling point he’d blow his top and start yelling at everyone around, especially his ‘friends’. It’s what most people would call having an ‘episode’.

Do you think this show of supposed dominance made him come off as a cool asshole or a dominant man? No way; everyone looked down on him when he was taking their shit, and everyone looked down on him even more when he had an outburst. They didn’t see it as him standing up for himself, and if he were honest with himself he’d agree. It makes him look like a scared animal, backed into a corner. A doe when hunted will do its best to put up a fight when put into a corner. Instead of standing up for himself when it mattered, or throwing back jokes in good fun, he always seemed like he was retreating and then lashing out.

That’s exactly what Kaine came off looking like. A man who’s crowning achievement in his political life is getting chosen to run with one of the worst people in American politics. The second to an old crusty cunt with no other real claim to fame, and a man, nay a boy, who blew his top when the first bit of pressure came on. Even the left won’t respect a boy like that, and it’s no surprise he got the backlash he did.

When a beta goes on the offensive, no one sees it as a man evolving into alphatude, but as a dying animal trying desperately to grasp back any prominence it had.


Tim Kaine’s Debate Performance: What it looks like when a beta fails to be alpha