Is Day Game becoming Over-saturated?

I was browsing around Roosh’s forums the other day, and happened upon a thread in regards to day game. Day game, as most of you are probably aware, is a type of game that emphasizes approaching women during the day. The skillset you need to be successful at daygame is somewhat different than that of night game, and it’s become more and more popular over the last few years because of traditional failings related to night game.

However, this topic wasn’t exactly roses. The OP complained that over the past few years he noticed several people getting into daygame, eventually leading to what is essentially a flood of people putting out very poor day game. He’s concerned that this sort of thing is conditioning women to day game, making it much harder to pull girls you’d normally have no trouble pulling. Some men jumped to agree with him, having seen similar things in other areas, while others were less in agreement.

So is Oversaturation in Day game a problem, or could it become a problem?

Yes, in some areas day game will or is becoming oversaturated and overall less effective.

But how is this a problem, and what exactly is causing it? Is it just betas trying to break out of their betaness that’s causing day game to start to lose some of its edge in some areas, or are other things contributing?

Well first, let’s get this out of the way: This isn’t unprecedented at all in the history of game. In fact, just a few years back when day game was starting to get a lot more popular these very same complaints were being made about night game. People were constantly complaining that at a lot of clubs you’d easily have several dozen guys for every girl, and each and every one of them would be spitting the same (usually lackluster) game at the few girls around. Of course this just ran girls off over time, making the problem even worse. So Daygame was thought to be a savior, a sort of way out of that for guys with those problems.

Now that a few years have passed, every guy has gotten the clue that night game just isn’t what it used to be in a lot of places, and that a healthy injection of daygame is needed to spruce up their notch count. As a result the same sorts of things are starting to hit day game that hit night game.

To understand how much of a problem this is, you need a decent understanding of why day game can be really effective. The initial idea behind it when comparing it to night game is how much a man sticks out when he’s the only one to approach a girl during the day. 98% of guys are scared to death of approaching a girl out of the blue when the sun’s out, so when a guy walks up to and talks to a chick on the street corner or in the coffee shop, it would likely be the only real approach that had been made towards her during the day in a long, long time. That immediately scores a lot of points in the guy’s favor, and through a good opener he’d be well on his way to making a good impression and eventually scoring a lay.

Now take that same situation and throw 30 guys who are super direct daygamers onto the same street as you. Now do you see the problem? In areas with a heavy population of (bad) day gamers, you’ll easily be guy number 6 or 7 that day rather than guy number 1 that week. Not to mention the bad lines being thrown at her are liable to put her in a bad mood by the time you get to her, especially if she was just approached. A girl who wouldn’t ordinarily blow you off even on a bad day would happily do it then. You could be the most confident guy on the corner and still be at a massive disadvantage simply because they’re in a bad mood.

But that’s not the only thing that could be ruining your chances. Over the past few years we’ve seen the rise in a new way of ‘approaching’ girls. The rise of dating apps like Tinder where the game is extremely weighted in the girl’s favor signaled a big change in the dating market as we knew it, and not in a good way. Tinder suffers the same problem that Facebook and basically every other social media platform has: beta males flock to decent looking girls and flood them with attention, boosting the fuck out of their egos and making them insufferable and anti social on a good day. But Tinder takes it one step further. On facebook you had thousands of guys ready to give you attention. It was pretty obvious what they wanted, but becvause it was Facebook most of them would be very passive and not try and score a date or notch with the girl. It just wasn’t considered the right place to do it. Tinder on the other hand has 1000s of guys ready to take a girl out on a date and fuck her at a moment’s notice. This immediately boosted flake rates exponentially, and is starting to affect women in day to day conversation. They’re a lot less open to subtle or not so subtle flirting after their Tinder fix, even though 99 times out of 100 you’re an easy step up gamewise from guy number 2000 on tinder. Sure, he’s not going to get any himself, but when the girl has been flirted with 6 times in an hour on Tinder she won’t be as open to flirting outside of it. Over time it may completely close her off to interaction with unknown men in real life at all. It has less of an effect in the short term than 6 day game approaches in an hour, and you’ll have a much greater chance than any of those tinder guys ever will, but nothing is more annoying than being ignored while a girl flips through Tinder or blown off on a Friday night because she has a million ”’options”’.

So with all that being said, is day game really dying? It’s not really as bad as I’ve made it out to be. A big part of dealing with this is location. there are plenty of areas without shitty day gamers roaming the streets, and plenty of avenues left untested for game. In a lot of areas and small or medium universities you just won’t have to concern yourself with it at all. And Tinder and others like it are also an avenue themselves, though I’d refrain from using them exclusively. they’re good supplements to be tacked on after a few daylight approaches. Just expect a fair share of annoying and egotistical cunts in your inbox.

Where will game go after this? Will a new big avenue open up for men to exploit? Will day game settle down within the next few years? It will be really interesting to see how the game transforms over time. If you can be a pioneer in that transformation you’ll find yourself with notch numbers you’d only dreamed of.

Is Day Game becoming Over-saturated?

6 thoughts on “Is Day Game becoming Over-saturated?

  1. GREG NIKOLIC says:

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      1. GREG NIKOLIC says:

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        The second was qedbook.

        In both cases, I was practicing my website ability. To write on a website is not like writing a book of fiction or a newspaper article in a paper. It’s its own thing. At some point I realized I had mastered the form of the website after 4 months, and it was time to start fresh.

        I lost some combined 200 articles on both sites, most of which were fairly excellent, but they were misses in terms of what I was aiming for.

        So there you have it. *spreads hands*


  2. GREG NIKOLIC says:

    By the way, I like your article on day gaming. At least it’s practical rather than being some navel-gazing shit “all about women” like The Rational Male set is always going on about. The problem with that site is that he secretly worships the inferior gender, and he writes of NOTHING else. To write on cunts alone forever would make me gag. Even Heartiste has branched out into alt-right politics.


    1. never been over to The Rational Male. and yeah I like that on Heartiste you can get your game fix and your politics fix. I just sort of write about what I want to on here whenever an idea pops into my head, like when I was on the roosh forums. Also I would say talking about girls and talking about game are often 2 different things, like this article pretty much says nothing about ‘girls’ so to speak, even though I mention girls a lot, it’s just the game. I’m glad you like it.

      The best way to know someone doesn’t do as well with women as they say is if they talk about them constantly. If they were getting as much as they want you to think they’d be sick of them and the subject so often they wouldn’t write about it nearly as much. Hell, that’s what’s been happening to poor Roosh. That and age, poor guy just doesn’t have the time for nearly as much game anymore.


  3. GREG NIKOLIC says:

    I have read Roosh myself. If you watch his videos, he is remarkably sad and even sorrowful and melancholy at the end of them. Personally, I am as cheerfully optimistic as I am darkly aggressive. I cannot stand defeatist sadness.

    Nor can women. Chicks SENSE how you feel about yourself. If anything, when I’m trying to fuck around, I’m TOO happy with myself. Probably there is some happy medium out there, between Roosh’s defeatist negativity and my bouncy positive arrogance, but I don’t really feel like changing. I can get enough pussy as it is, and of whatever quality I want. To compromise to get even more would be like pigging out on food beyond the natural appetite.

    The primary reason I write about females on my site is because, when building up I am trying to appeal to viewers .. . and attacking women or talking about sex is an easy way to please the audience.

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    It’s unfair that to succeed you need great artistry and great marketing — but that’s why I’ll have a stable of writers. That’s also why I’m going to start a media corporation. I can do the same for other writers that I would like them to do for me.


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