It’s Time for Trump to Strike, Hard

It’s no secret that Trump’s campaign has been a bit of an anomaly from the start. He’s known, for better or worse, as a brash talker and a man who says what’s on his mind. While this has appealed to quite a lot of people who feel the need for someone with a strong, right wing stance to take the fore, it has caused the media and public attention to be centered upon him for most of the election. While in many ways this was what ultimately let him pull ahead in the primaries and nab the nomination, It’s no secret that his lack of favorability has negatively affected his campaign in some ways. The most damaging is that it has caused him to scale himself back a bit in the past few months which, though that has created many benefits, has threatened to somewhat alienate him from his core. It also hasn’t done as much as it could to court new voters (though he’s done a lot more than most republican candidates could ever dream to), mainly because of the MSM’s penchant for spinning everything he does badly, some even going so far as to condemn him for stopping in Louisiana to help out during the flood, while seemingly giving Obama and Hillary a pass for mostly ignoring it. trump’s never been truly put on the defense, his power in controlling the frame has protected him from even the mightiest of attacks, but it’s been close for a while now, and the media persona of him is getting it9o people’s heads.

However, this media blockade on Trump has recently seen a bit of a breach. People aren’t talking about Trump as much this weekend. Why? Hillary Clinton’s health problems have been confirmed. Her collapse on the side of the road after leaving a 9/11 memorial has brought her declining health the attention it truly deserves (after, of course, weeks of the media telling us we were all crazy conspirators for believing she did have health problems). It’s not so much the actual fact that Hillary is sick as is the fact that people are actually talking about it. Where her emails and other scandals had failed to make enough of a blow into her credibility, it seems her health problems will. Rumors are flying around that Hillary is dying, and that the Democrats will replace Hillary soon, among many others.

So what does this mean? It means it’s time for Trump and Republican outlets to strike back. Hard.

We have the attention of the fence sitters and even much of the left wing now. They’re concerned about their party and about what their side has been telling them. They’ll be more open to seeing our side now that we’ve been proven right in such a major area. They’re already filled to the brim with doubt, and it’s up to us to confirm these doubts and fill their heads with the truth. Sure, many of them will stay true to their side to the very end, that’s just the nature of politics, but we’d be fools to not take advantage of such a major opening. Even those who cannot be converted to our side may be persuaded against voting or turn to a 3rd party as holes start and continue to open up in the democrat’s defense. Maybe Hillary really is dying, or maybe it is a temporary spat with a disease, but one thing is for sure: After this breach of trust and explosion of rumors, if Hillary isn’t the next to keel over, her campaign will be.

It’s Time for Trump to Strike, Hard

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