All Girls Are the Same

It always seems like no matter what friend group I jump into there’s always at least one guy who just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to game. It doesn’t matter if they’re tall, handsome, loaded, ripped, or anything else; they just can’t seem to get anyone in bed with them. Whether it be for lack of trying or just an absolute obtuseness to anything even semi-related to flirting, these poor guys are always the ones throwing out excuse after excuse every time rejection comes their way. The ones who won’t even approach are the worst about this, because they build themselves up inside a bubble that makes them think girls are into them and-because they won’t even approach-they never technically have any proof to the contrary.

These poor betas always have excuses to throw up the moment you try and point out ways they can improve. They either immediately start to attack you, or throw out lie after lie and phrase after phrase to try to convince themselves that what they’re doing (or not doing) is totally fine. No matter what approach I take to try and help them out, there’s one common phrase most of them love to fall back on: “All girls are the same”. To his mind this is a phrase that satisfies his need to convince himself not to go after girls: if they’re all the same then why bother pursuing them? It also satisfies the other caveat: a good reason for his constant rejection. “If all girls are the same then it makes sense I can’t get a single one because they’re all disposed to hate me and go after Chad Thundercock instead, right?”

The funny thing about this phrase is that, he’s not wrong… to a point.

People who have been in the game for a while have recognized that there are many common themes to the actions you have to take to turn girls on. While the shy girl over in the corner may not be the exact same as the girl sitting in the middle of the room with her tits out, picking up both of them will require common elements like confidence. Both of them will probably throw some shit tests your way and require a similar grand strategy to get into bed. But the approaches you’d want to make to each of these girls would likely be markedly different. For example, You could have a pretty heavyhanded go at the slut in the center, but if you wanted to go after the shy girl instead, you’d need to lighten your touch if you don’t want to scare her off.

But let’s take the statement a bit further. What if every single girl was attracted by the same thing as every other girl? Imagine if the same act was enough to get every girl into bed, whether she was the sluttiest girl in a hundred mile radius or the most prudish church girl you’ve ever met. Surely the beta’s claim would have weight then, right?

Well no, in fact it’d make him look even worse. If every girl was seduced by the exact same things, and turned off by the exact same things, then everyone who figured out how the game worked would have a 100% success rate. Then he’d have no excuse at all. If it was predetermined what would work on every girl and what wouldn’t his failures would be even more laughable.

This excuse and most others really show a lack of effort on the betas part: if he can’t even approach enough girls to dispel the very basic lies and half truths he throws out, then there’s really nothing you can do for him. Men grow through adversity, and if he’s not willing to seek out adversity and rejection to get stronger then he’ll be left in the dust. Don’t waste time with men like these, there’s nothing you can do to change them.


All Girls Are the Same

3 thoughts on “All Girls Are the Same

  1. CEO Nikolic says:

    *applauding slowly*

    Well done, I liked this post.

    I do agree with chicks are basically drawn to the same thing, and you’re only making minor adjustments for “taste.”

    But even the prim, proper girl, if drunk or in a certain mood, will morph into the slut and the same techniques will THEN work on her unmodified.

    Men are infinitely more varied in their makeups. Females, being the clone gender, making a real EFFORT at getting along with each other, suffer from debilitating sameness. The biggest similarity among women is to not rock the boat — among their own gender. Among men, they don’t give a fuck as long as they’re not openly punished. But with other women, it’s obedience straight down the line.

    Again, good post. I will be back to your site to check in. Please feel free to click on my name and visit mine. ~ Greg Nikolic


    1. Thanks for giving it a read. I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting, hopefully semiregularly, but I comment a lot over at the chateau so you can always catch me around there. I’m hoping this week I can figure out how to make my site a bit… ‘prettier’. I’ll be sure to check out your site next time I’m making the rounds for wordpresses I typically read.


      1. CEO Nikolic says:

        No, no, check me site now and comment! *grinning amusedly* No, seriously, I want a comment from you. I have two regulars starting to visit me, and I have them memorized. I want a third — and a fourth — and a thousandth . . .

        But seriously, I want you there. I think, on the topic of your site, you should make a real effort to write frequent articles. I will do my best to direct traffic to your site once my own site gets built up.

        Aggressive marketing is key. At some point I’m going to walk the entire downtown heart of the city of Toronto and post ads for my qedbook website everywhere. I already did it with my last site in Hamilton, and I got 175 visits in one day from my ads . . . so advertising DOES work.

        Don’t slack. Press forward hard. I expect you to do your best, Fightersword. Don’t like me unless you actually do. I will also be judging you harshly. We’re not chicks, we can be frank and improve one another.

        A final word of advice: DON’T JUST IMITATE HEARTISTE. Write about anything you like. My site has a huge variety — and yours should too.

        Anyway, have a MOST EXCELLENT WEEKEND, and good handle.

        P.S. heartiste’s website is throwing out lots of comments, tons, and I think my good lord heartiste is doing it himself.

        See you at my site! ( [Notice how I get that plug in, even as I’m leaving and make it crystal-clear? LEARN FROM MY EXAMPLE] *gone*


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